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Three Plays: Demons, Act, and Terminal 3 Lars Norén

Three Plays: Demons, Act, and Terminal 3

Lars Norén

Published June 3rd 2014
ISBN : 9781884092886
273 pages
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 About the Book 

Lars Noren is generally considered Swedens greatest playwright since August Strindberg. He has written about 75 plays that combine humor, a powerful emotional impact and the search for new forms of expression, which are regularly performed throughout the Nordic and European countries.Although his work has been translated into various languages for the stage, we are exclusively publishing Norens plays in book format in English--a project started in spring 2013 with Two Plays: And Give Us the Shadows and Autumn and Winter. This volume includes:- Demons (1982), a very dark comedy that is an expressionist take on Albees A Delicate Balance and Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf, set in a Stockholm apartment on the eve of a funeral-- Act (2000), about a power struggle between a female terrorist on a hunger strike and the doctor who tries to make her eat again, set in a German prison- and- Terminal 3 (2006), a beautiful, sparse play set in a hospital waiting room where a young couple is there to welcome the birth of their first baby and a middle-age couple is there to identify their dead son.Lars Noren, regarded by many as the greatest Swedish playwright since Strindberg, has dealt with the love-hate relationships of modern dysfunctional families in emotionally powerful and sombre plays spiced with absurd humour. --Encyclopedia Britannica OnlineHe has made the present time our home and exposed the anxiety beneath the surface of the welfare state. --Per Wastberg, former chairman of International PEN and editor-in-chief of Swedens largest daily newspaper