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Seeking Celeste Hayley Ann Solomon

Seeking Celeste

Hayley Ann Solomon

Published January 1st 2000
ISBN : 9781306655163
138 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Star Light, Star Bright...Miss Anne Derringer had failed miserably as a lady. Her passion for astronomy had labeled her a bluestocking. Shed plunged her fortune into a ship named Polaris--which sank. Penniless, she was forced to accept a position as a dowagers companion, only to lose her way on her first day. Now shed come face to face with the arrogant Lord Edgemere, who mistook her for his siblings new governess. . .and produced an entirely wanton effect upon her senses.. . .Grant A Wish For Love TonightLord Edgemere immediately wanted to seduce this clever beauty who arrived out of nowhere. Her response to his bold kiss was a sigh, a shiver--and a stinging slap. Soon he was being blackmailed into an engagement with a lady of the ton, yet he was moonstruck whenever he looked at Anne, whom he nicknamed Celeste. Unless he devised a plan, the love sparkling between them might prove as impossible as catching a falling star.