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Nook Book: Open Secrets

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Published January 27th 2011
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 About the Book 

A behind the scenes tell all book about the corrupt magazine industry. What magazine publishers do not want you to know. True stories of a traveling magazine salesman. Trapped in a prison of his own accord. Traveling the us, city to city and state to state. Living daily through verbal and physical abbuse, drug addiction and greed. Daily life on mag crew consists of fourteen hour work days fueled by angered mob type bosses. Working his way to the top through sex and scandal. After seventeen years of blood, sweat and tears he finally gets made not realizing the true purpose of his life. He makes a decision to get sober for the first time in his life. Brainwashed by his boss and fooled by drugs and alcohol his mind was never clear. Once he escapes he realizes his whole life was a lie. From the his sales, title on crew, relationships and success.In the end his faith would be put to the test. Wondering if he should exspose this dangerous industry for what it really is. He decides to write this book. Receiving death threats its a marvel he made it out alive unlike many others. All the mag crew bosses care about is getting their cut of the profits and control. The magazine publishers increasing their circulation at any cost. Its amazing that the magazine publishers support these gang like mag crews. This modern day form of slavery (human trafficking) includes sex and violence. Several lives have been lost due to murder, prison, rape, drug and alcohol overdoses. Lets not forget the parents of the children that allowed them to take the KILLER JOB the ad they seen in their local newspaper. I hope this story prevents your son or daughter from falling into the same trap and opens peoples eyes to this growing problem. The names in the book have been changed to protect myself and many others.